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King of All - Peru - 12-30-2008

King Peru's Kingdom

  • Peru

Supreme Knights:
  • LilBoy
  • Sadik

  • Nater
  • Weezy

Supreme Fool:
  • TEF

  • Holsje
  • Finisher

  • TheUndesireable
  • Freakins

Loyal Peasants:
  • Russell
  • Specifer

  • (All)

  • Yassine
  • Sophia

  • ZheFoXy
  • Tpimp
  • Blackbean

  • Overdosed


King: The Omnipotent Ruler
-Can do as he wishes

Supreme Knight: Legendary knights. Best friends of the King
-May say anything they wish without punishment

Knights: An exclusive group of hand-picked players that have the King's respect
-May chill with the King whenever they wish

Supreme Fool: A one of a kind fool that is able to make the King laugh without trying
-May demote fools without reason

Fools: A group of people that been successful in making the King laugh
-Required to make the King laugh at least once every week

Wizards: Mischievous individuals with extraordinary abilities
-Engage with caution

Loyal Peasants: Well-behaved peasants that follow the King's orders
-Required to do exactly as the King says

Peasants: All who have not been named
-Required to only recognize two words: Bow Down

Outlaws: Defiant peasants who have disrespected the King
-May go to hell

Banished: A blacklist of people not worthy of being in the King's presence.
-All actions performed will be ignored by the King

Executed: Unredeemable individuals who have been killed by order of the King.
-Rest in pieces

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - Hellweed - 12-30-2008

hai thur

never seen u ingame in my 79 hours  :o

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - ReLoaded - 12-30-2008

hai nice intro :)

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - Munch - 12-30-2008

Quote:Hellweed link=topic=15912.msg165465#msg165465 date=1230651924]
hai thur

never seen u ingame in my 79 hours   :o

That's because he's not online that much...nowhere near what he used to be.

Nice intro Ryder.

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - Matthias - 12-30-2008

Yo Ryder, u sure remember me :), see you ingame mate

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - Rien - 12-30-2008

Crash Bandicoot :D

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - yo_sniper - 12-30-2008

Best Wishes on LVP !!!

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - iMmOrTaLiTy - 12-30-2008

ey Ryder

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - DarkFlame - 12-30-2008

Nice intro Ryder but i dont like the part when u say u are not an excellent fighter :(
U fight great!I dont know others opinions but for me u fight great.
Everyone who has a friend like u is very lucky and im one of them. :)

Your friend
DarkFlame  :w

Re: [Introduction] Ryder - Mark - 12-30-2008

(12-30-2008, 06:30 PM)Twilight link Wrote: Crash Bandicoot :D
Cool game tbh :D