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Forum Announcement: LVP Account Related Guide & Information
Las Venturas Playground
Account Related Guide & Information

Changing your nickname

To change your nickname, go in-game with your existing nickname and do the following:
  • Use the /account command
  • Select Change your nickname
  • Enter your current password for verification
  • Choose a new nickname
  • Click Next -> Close

Using this method, you may change your name once every 14 days.
If you wish to have a nickname that is already registered but has been inactive for a long time, refer to our Nickname policy.

Note: Players can no longer change their nicknames via the Nuwani bot on IRC. We've simplified the process with in-game integration.

Changing your password

If you already know your current password and wish to change it, do the following:
  • Use the /account command
  • Select Change your password
  • Enter your current password for verification
  • Enter your new password
  • Confirm your new password
  • Close
If you've lost your password, contact a Management member on the forum, IRC, or in-game. After verifying account ownership, we'll send you a temporary password that you can use to login with and set a new password. We strongly discourage account sharing.

Note: Players can no longer change their password via the Nuwani bot on IRC. We've simplified the process with in-game integration.

Managing aliases on your account (VIP feature)

You may use multiple nicknames for the same account using the alias feature. For instance, if your registered nickname is Player_A, you may add Player_B as an alias and use the same login credentials as Player_A, keeping your statistics intact. This is an exclusive feature for VIP members which enables them to use multiple nicknames without the need to change their main nickname each time.

To manage aliases, do the following:
  • Use the /account command
  • Select Manage nickname aliases
  • To create an alias, select Create new alias and enter the nickname
  • To remove an alias, repeat the first two steps and double-click on the alias you wish to delete from your account
  • A maximum of 2 aliases can be active at a time
  • An alias can be added once every 7 days

Resetting your account statistics or merging your own accounts

If you wish to reset your statistics to 0 or merge your own accounts, you may post a request in the Help Requests board, and a management member will assist you. The following statistics can be reset or merged:
  • kill count, death count
  • fight club kills, fight club deaths
  • online time
  • money
  • skin
  • minigame wins
  • reaction test wins
  • carbombs detonated
  • exports
  • drivebys
  • helicopter kills
These changes will not be reversed, so be sure to make up your mind before you decide to proceed.

Managing your forum account

You may head over to the User CP to manage your preferences or edit information such as your forum username, password, e-mail, signature, avatar, etc.

IRC information

Click here to join our IRC channels. You may request assistance from the crew in #LVP or chat with players in-game via #LVP.echo. Other channels like #LVP.vip, #LVP.nl, and #LVP.dev are also available, if they interest you. Make sure you read the channels' topics, and use the !help command for information about other available IRC commands.

To register your nickname on IRC, use the following commands:
  • /nick your_nickname -> to change your IRC name. It doesn't have to be the same as your in-game or forum name.
  • /ns register password e-mail -> to register your nickname.
  • Once registered, you can use /ns identify password to login.
  • Check /ns help for various other commands and settings.


Click here to join our Discord server.

For any other queries, feel free to post a topic in the Help Requests board or contact crew members.

Have fun on Las Venturas Playground!